Every one knows that some strawberries bear more abundantly than others; but few could give any intelligent reason why. The leading reason is, the capacity of a plant to stool or make crowns. When a strawberry plant goes to rest in the Fall, it generally seems content with one good terminal eye; but some varieties will make half a dozen or more. These multiplied eyes seldom make good, strong stalks, throwing the fruit well up from the ground, but have generally a number of smaller ones.

The Crescent seems one of this class, as we judge by a plant sent us by Mr. Ezra Stokes. Mr. S. says it is a last year's plant. It had ten of these sub-crowns on it, and the first crop was in proportion. This is why it is such an abundant bearer. Of course, the reason why these crowns are so multipled is another question; but we generally have to go down a good many steps to get to the bottom of the well in which truth lies. It is a gain when we have successfully made one.