Rev. Geo. S., Lexington, Ky., writes : " I may be laboring under a delusion, but think I have a remarkable strawberry story to relate. Last Spring I set some Boyden's No. 30, on ground spread with thoroughly rotted manure, pasty and cornfodder compost made up of droppings of horses, cattle, swine and poultry, decayed to a black mass, all deeply and carefully plowed in and harrowed both ways. A day or two since I gathered some perfectly ripened berries from runners, while others were rich in bloom. From original plants I gathered fruit June last. I am letting runners strike to set other beds. Ought I to get out a patent ? Perhaps you can match it, or know of others who can. I do not remember anything like it in my brief strawberry experience. I might add, the Boyden plants were very fine, thrifty ones when set".