A correspondent of the New Jersey Liberal Press is troubled in his mind as to the best strawberry, and thus growleth: " I have been considerably troubled, too, by the wonderful progressiveness or changeableness of varieties. For instance, at one time 'Monarch of the West' is advertised as the very perfection of a strawberry - grows large fruit, bears well, and, in short, has all the desirable qualities. Of course I bought the Monarch of the West, and of course I paid a high price for my plants. Well, I have no serious complaint to make against this strawberry; for, while in some respects it is surpassed by other varieties, it has grown an abundance of remarkably fine fruit for me, and I am more than satisfied with it. But as soon as I have planted this variety as being the only one really worthy the attention of a man ambitious to have the very best, I read that somebody has brought out a new variety which entirely surpasses the Monarch of the West, and convinces me that I have made a great mistake, and that next year I must buy the new variety".