A carpet bed near the entrance to Messrs. Veitchs' Coombe Wood Nursery is well worth notice, showing, as it does, what excellent effects may be obtained by the use of dwarf-growing hardy shrubs in what is called pattern gardening. The plants employed in this case are silver and golden-leaved Retinosporas, Euonymus albo-variegatus, and Mahonias, the whole being edged with a band of Erica herbacea carnea. Such beds give little or no trouble when once planted; they are equally beautiful in Winter and in Summer, and, although it might not be advisable to carry this style of gardening to an unlimited extent, yet a few such beds introduced into flower gardens where a series of pattern beds exist, would go far to relieve the monotonous blaze of color usually found in such places, and thereby greatly enhance the general effect. - S. in Garden.