Silas Moore

By a brief newspaper paragraph we learn of the death of this excellent man. His nursery at Providence was well known. He took an active part in the American Pomological Society, and contributed many useful articles to the earlier numbers of our magazine.

Dr. Karl Koch

Professor of Botany at the University of Berlin, and who took great interest in the application of botany to horticulture, died on the 22d of May, in his seventieth year.


It is interesting to note how business becomes divided. Here before us is the catalogue of Hugo Mulertt of Cincinnati, who makes a specialty of keeping aquarium supplies. Water plants, fishes, carnivorous plants, snails, are all catalogued here in a very intelligent way. It is a nice little pamphlet to read and study.

Orange Judd Company Catalogue Or Rural Books

An exclusively agricultural and rural publishing house, is of great importance to these specialties and deserves encouragement. This illustrated pamphlet gives a complete list of the publications of this firm.

August, 1879. Horticultural Societies. Editorial Notes

Georgia State Horticultural Society. The fourth annual exhibition was to be held at Macon, on July 19th, and preparations were made to have it one of the best ever made. A very fine exhibit was expected. The notice was not received in time for mention in our last.

Beautiful Hardy Flowers

Among the most beautiful of August flowers in the garden are the Kansas Gay-feather, Liatris pycnos-tachya; Helianthus mollis; and Heliopsis laevis, which, though coarse in some respects, makes a gay appearance when mixed with other things.

Live Fence Posts

These are commended every once in a while. We have an idea that their advantages are purely hypothetical. Does any one know of a case where the owner has been satisfied with one for a continuous period of ten years ? If so we should be glad of particulars.

Paulownia Imperialis

This, which is called Blue Trumpet Flower in the West, is known as Vanilla Tree in Paris, because of the delicate scented flowers.

Public Parks And Gardens

It is said by the London gardening papers that among the signatures to the petitions to Parliament for the closing of public gardens, parks, museums, and libraries on Sundays, side by side with the names of reverend signers are the names of tavern keepers and liquor sellers, who seem to understand that there are no "back doors" to the public gardens as there are to the " gin palaces".