A New Raspberry

J. C. C., Burlington, N. J., writes that he has a new raspberry, a seedling which he has tested four or five years, and which he is now satisfied is worthy of being better known.

The Garden Strawberry

Specimens of this sent us by Mr. Foster prove it to be a very good berry and to have a good habit of growth.. A great number have been sent out at high prices and high recommendations no better than this. In these fruits, however, it is hard to form a correct estimate of character, as this depends so much on contingencies.

White Pine Leaves

The leaves of the White Pines were severely injured by the cold frosty winds of March; half of the length, the upper half being destroyed. It is not usual for this tree to suffer in this way.

The Season In New York

S. F. T., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., writes : "Average temperature for May 67°, with three frosts at the end".

Beautiful Botanical Gardens

It is a pleasure to note that Prof. E. W. Hilgard in the California Horticulturist takes ground against the miserable weedy concerns once known as " Botanic Gardens," and makes a convincing plea for the combination of beauty with science in these establishments.

The Most Northern Plant

Among the plants collected by Dr. Bessels on his Polar voyage we noted as among the most northern of the plants he collected a small dwarf Poppy, Papaver nudicaule and a minature Dandelion. The Poppy has been found beyond the eighty-third parallel of latitude, and is believed to be the most northern species hitherto found. It has yellow flowers, and is quite large and showy for so small a plant.

Literature, Travels And Personal Notes. Communications. Notes And Queries-No. 3

It is a pleasing task to transfer to Notes and Queries the following well expressed thoughts from a late Saturday Review:

Hon. Chas. A. Dana

This gentleman whose horticultural taste is not far behind his literary reputation, and whose beautiful grounds at Glen-cove, afford a fine specimen of good gardening, has gone for a brief period of rest and recreation on a visit to Europe. Our readers have had the benefit of occasional notes from his experience, and may hope for further favors on his return.

Noel Humphreys

Death has been particularly busy among European botanists and horticulturists lately. Among the recently deceased is Noel Humphreys, well known as a horticultural artist. Many of the illustrations in the works of the Loudons were from his pencil. He was seventy-two at the time of his death.