The editor of the Gardener's Monthly would be very thankful to any friends who may chance to have seeds of any native flowers that may possibly interest him, in order to grow for artistic subjects for " Flowers and Ferns." Only a few seeds or a root or two are necessary. All the drawings for this work are made from nature; so where specimens direct from wild locations are not at hand, the only chance to take them is to have the plants growing.

Prof. A. E. Foote kindly says in his Naturalists Leisure hour, and Monthly Bulletin:

"Thomas Meehan's great work on the Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States,' is being pushed forward with more vigor than any other botanical work of the present time. The well known reputation of Prof. Meehan, who has just been re-elected Vice-President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, is a sufficient guarantee of the scientific accuracy of the work. No lovers of ferns or flowers should be without it." We copy in order to say that the series finished, has proved so acceptable to the public, that another series has been prepared, and will appear about midsummer.