By John Smith, ex-curator of Royal Gardens, Kew. Under the guise of a parody, Mr. Smith manages to employ an immense number of puns. These double meaning words are tabulated at the end of the work with full explanations, so that under the guise of a little fun a great amount of useful information is conveyed. The little tract is published for the author by Hard-wicke & Co., Piccadilly, London.

Quinby's New Bee-Keeping, - By L. C. Root, New York, Orange Judd Co. This, like all books of this firm, is beautifully printed, and will make a good addition to any bee-keeper's library. There are many works on bee-keeping now, - we suppose just this one more will be wanted or the publishers would not have risked money in it. It seems to us that in no similar work that we have seen before has so much useful information been given about plants adapted to bee-food.