Forcing Strawberries Under Glass

A "fruit grower and farmer" writes to the New York Tribune, that "Mr. Meehan's view on Strawberries, under glass, may lead some one astray. I have seen the attempt made in hothouses, but never with success." Our "fruit grower" can not have had a very extensive experience. He might pay Miss Hettie Trimble, of West Chester, a visit to some profit.

Good Wisconsin Apples

The following is a list recommended by the State Agricultural Society: Five varieties, hardiness only test-Tetofski, Duchess of Oldenburg, Haas, Fameuse and Wealthy. For general cultivation - the above list with Walbridge, Red Astrachan, Utter, Westfield Seek-No-Further, Tallman Sweet, St. Lawrence, Willow Twig and Pewaukee.

California Grapes

Enormous quantities were sent East this year, chiefly Flaming Tokays. It is said to have been on the whole, profitable to the shippers.

The Chaumontelle Pear

In those parts of our country where the Chaumontelle has been tried, it proves worthless. It is no sooner ripe than it is rotton. But there ought to be some spot over our broad acres just suited to it. It is a magnificent fruit in many parts of England. A fruit of the Chaumontelle Pear weighing upwards of twenty-one ounces, was exhibited at the recent exhibition of the Royal Horticultural Society of Jersey.

Vegetable Wax

Mr. Loomis contributes a paper on the Rhus succedanea to the California Horticulturist, showing its adaptation to Cali-fornian culture. It would be interesting to know where it would succeed in the Eastern Atlantic States. A plant from seed brought by Commodore Perry's expedition, was growing with Mr. Berckmans at Augusta, Georgia a few years ago.

Oranges And Lemons In California

The catalogues of Californian nurseries present marked differences from those of the East. Before us is one which makes a specialty of Orange and Lemon trees. Plants are offered by the hundreds, thousand's, and tens of thousands, as our Apple trees are.

Sleeper's Dwarf Peach

This was said to he only twenty-six inches high when four years old, and to have fruit of much better quality than the Van Buren dwarf.

Prince Of Wales Plum

Fruit about medium size; skin bright reddish purple, with yellow dots, covered with beautiful bloom; flesh somewhat coarse, yellow in color, sweet and sprightly in flavor. It is one of the best culinary plums, and one of the most profitable for market. The tree is very hardy and a prolific bearer, and the fruit being so beautiful, it sells readily at a high price. September. - Ellwanger.