The White-Flowered Oleander

This is largely grown by Mr. Wills for decorative purposes. The plants, which are chiefly imported ones, are grown in a moist, warm temperature near the glass, and thus treated they make handsome bushy plants loaded with large trusses of snowy blossoms. This white variety appears to flower more freely than the rose-colored kind, and its blossoms in a cut state are much more valuable. - Garden.

Senecio Scandens

This is known to florists as Parlor Ivy; the new one S. macroglossum is known in England as Cape Ivy.

Eucharis Amazonica

Mr. S. S. Price of Philadelphia, has had wonderful success in growing this plant. His plants have flowered three times this season, and about the end of November he had at one time three hundred blooms open.

Geranium Ethel Beale

We noticed some time ago that from the description in the English papers, this variety must have the merit of novelty over many new forms. By the kindness of the Bellevue Nursery in Paterson 1ST. J., we have the opportunity of giving our readers a representation of the plant itself, which fully bears out the good opinion we formed of it.

Geranium Ethel Beale 2

Cuphea Roezli

At the last meeting of the Germantown Horticultural Society, Messrs. Miller & Hayes exhibited a specimen of this new Cuphea. It proves to be a very good addition to this interesting class of Winter blooming plants.

Besides the novelty of the species, the plant was remarkably well grown, being about eighteen inches every way. It is a strong grower, and will make good specimen plants.

Scraps And Queries. Mealy Bug

A. A. B.,Coburg, Ont., Canada, says: " I notice a letter in July number of Gar-DENER'S Monthly, from Dr. W. F. C, as to remedy of mealy bug. What proportions of Hellebore and whale oil soap he would mix, he does not say. It would gratify me, and I have no doubt many others,to know the quantities to mix".

A Large Raspberry Garden

Parker Earle, of Cobden, Illinois, has twenty-five acres of Raspberries grown for market purposes. He grows the Turner. It is pronounced a profitable garden.

Forest Rose Strawberry

Dr. Warder thinks this likely to supercede the Wilson's Albany as the standard Strawberry. Mr. Leo Weltz says the crop is generally half gathered by the time the Albany commences to ripen.

A Large Apple Tree

A correspondent of the Massachusetts Ploughman, calls attention to an aged Apple tree standing in the town of Weathersfield, Conn. - an English Pearmain-brought from England by Wm. Tryan, and planted on his (then) farm. It measures, one foot from the ground, ten feet and eleven inches in circumference. It yielded fruit, according to tradition for nearly a century before the revolution. It is in a good bearing condition, having borne excellent fruit the past year.