This distinguished gardener died on the 9th of June, full of years and of honors. He served his horticultural apprenticeship in the gardens of the Earl of Camper-down at Dundee in Scotland, and had for many years past been Director of the Glasnevin Botanical Garden near Dublin. Besides his skill in gardening he was noted for his many contributions to those sciences which may be said to be born of or grown out of gardening. From a study of the genus Nepenthes alone he evolved the law that it required a greater effort of vital power to produce the female than the male sex in flowers; precisely the same conclusions as the editor of this magazine arrived at after a study of coniferous plants. Dr. Moore's deductions though not published till after the American paper was read at Salem, Mass., being worked out on totally different grounds and wholly independent, will entitle him to a full share in any credit which may be awarded to the discovery. Intelligent gardeners will always be proud of David Moore.