The following questions, suggested by articles in your journal, will I hope find a place in your department of Notes and Queries :

1. In Vol. XX, p. 291, Mr. Drew, of El Dorado, Cal., has an interesting paper on the California varieties of Ceanothus. Are any of these hardy in the Eastern States ? If so, from whom can they be procured ?

2. The same writer describes in Vol. XX, p. 227, Rhododendron Occidentale, and suggests that it will prove hardy at the East. Has this suggestion been confirmed by experiment? Where can plants be obtained for trial?

3. In Vol. XXI, p. 132, the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher recommends Ligustrum Japonicum to all lovers of fine shrubs. In all the catalogues of dealers in plants to which the writer has access, this species is spoken of as tender in our climate. Is it quite certain that L. Japonicum is the plant referred to ? Parsons classes L. coriaceum. L. ibota and L. variegata anions half-hardy shrubs.