In referring to page 23-4 of Gardener's Monthly, it seems to me the "Stag's Horn Fern" is the Polypodium aureum. As I call to mind the manner the furry stems creep over the surface and sometimes over the edges of the pots, it is sometimes called " Rabbit's Foot Fern,"

I was much surprised yesterday, August 1st, to find one of our largest Ailanthus trees in full flower. The air was as redolent with the "perfume of heaven" as I ever knew it in the early Summer days. I have not observed the second flowering of this tree before. I am sorry to find that the Ivy has suffered so badly; nearly two-thirds of the vines are dying or dead. What can be the cause of this ? Surely not the weather, for we have many times had colder Winters than the last.