H., East Hampton, Mass.r writes : " I have a trouble in my vegetable kingdom that is new to me. I have five thousand celery growing finely, but they seem to be covered with insects; what I should call thrips; at least, they are like the insect of that name that troubles our hothouse grapes. Now, either from them or some other cause, the leaves have a rusty appearance. If the celery was stunted or not growing well, I could understand it better. Do the insects cause the rust ? How can I destroy them without injury to the celery? Are they common on a quick growing crop out of doors ? If you will answer the above or give me any light on the subject, you will confer a favor on a subscriber of the Gardener's Monthly".

[It may be the celery fly, or the celery fungus. Lime water ought to settle the question in the former case, and sulphur in the latter. Does any correspondent know better? - Ed. G. M].