G. B. B., Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio, says: "Your May number speaks of the " Dalmatian Insect Powder." Can you tell me whether it is poisonous to human beings, so as to make its use in rooms occupied by children dangerous ? Also, where can it be obtained? We are greatly troubled by flies and would like to try the powder if it will do what is claimed for it".

[We have always understood that it was one of the merits of Dalmatian powder, and all powders from Pyrethrums, that it was innocuous to all but the lower order of insects. But for flies, what is better than the common "fly paper" of the grocery stores ? - Ed. G. M].

We have had many inquiries as to where this can be obtained. We find on inquiry that it is so well-known an article in the drug trade, and so readily to be obtained if one wants to oblige a customer, that the druggist who knows nothing about it can be safely set down as behind the times.