Mrs. J. M., Newton, Ohio, writes: "Will some one please tell me how to propagate a double Petunia ? There are no seed pods formed yet, and I would like to know if I can grow some from slips ? I have tried the common way but failed to get them to root. Is there any particular way of treating them to make them form seed pods? I have such a grandly beautiful one that I would like to propagate it in all its beauty if possible".

[Double Petunas are generally raised from slips or cuttings by florists. These are taken off before the plant has fully exhausted itself by blooming. Not the extreme points nor the extreme lower parts of the branches are taken, but those usually known as " half ripened." They grew very well in September. Sometimes where great certainty is required in getting the cuttings to grow some of the branches are cut back half way and new ones come out, and the cuttings are made from these before any flowers exhaust the branch. The best double Petunias rarely seed. They are obtained by taking pollen from half double flowers and placing it on the stigmas of the single ones. The progeny will be double in various degrees. - Ed. G. M].