Mrs. E. S. F., Nan-taucket, Mass., writes : "In Flowers and Ferns of the United States in speaking of the common Bearberry, Arbutus, Uva-Ursi, it is said that although the flowers grow in clusters, the berries, so far as the author has observed, are single, but one of the cluster coming to maturity. Now the Bearberry grows profusely upon the sandy plains of Nantucket, and a small party of botanical students succeeded, with very little research, in finding numerous clusters of four berries, several clusters of five, and even one of six. The only difficulty here seemed to be to find any single berries. Thinking you may like to know the habit of the plant in a place where it is so much at home we have concluded to send you some specimens in support of our statement." [These were four and five berried clusters, and one collected by Miss L. Owen had six berries. - Ed. G. M].