Discussions are still going on as to whether Osage Orange is cheaper than wooden fences. That depends. If wood is abundant it may not be. Some talk of the plants "robbing the earth for ten feet on each side, so that nothing will grow." This shows that the hedge has been badly managed. The writer has a hedge twelve hundred feet long, which admits of cropping to within three feet as well as any where else in the field. It has never cost the tenth part of what a wooden fence of any kind would have cost; but it costs about $2.50 a year to trim and keep in order; and in this annual care perhaps a wooden fence has the advantage. Still in this part of the world the cheapest kind of a wooden fence would have cost S120, and the annual interest of this even at 4 per cent. would have been more than the annual cost of the Osage Orange.

A well kept Osage Orange hedge is not a nuisance, nor is it expensive; the one that robs the ground for ten feet away is quite another thing.