A correspondent of the Mobile Advertiser says :

"The Papaw in its wild state is very popular as a fruit, most persons preferring it to the Banana, and still, strange to say no effort worthy of mention has yet been made to tame it and bring it into culture".

It is news to us that the Papaw is "popular as a fruit" in its wild state, and that "most persons" prefer it to the Banana. The writer has seen the fruit under the trees in large quantities along the Susquehanna River, quite near enough to large populated places, without any indications of "popularity" and where we are quite sure a lot of bananas would not lie undisturbed very long. We have heard a few persons say they would "as soon " eat them as bananas, and indeed there is a slight banana taste to them which is far from being disagreeable. But while one can almost make a square meal from bananas, two or three papaws will be found quite enough at a time. Though the Papaw will hardly make any sensation as an "addition to our list of fruits," it is however a nice little thing to have, and a tree or two in one's garden will be worth planting.