Pine Apples

The Banana has become so popular that the Pine apple has fallen in proportion. They are not imported now to the extent they once were. The importation of Bananas is enormous.

Propagating Peach Trees

We were recently informed of an enterprising nurseryman, who bought at a high figure, two plants of a new kind of peach tree. He has two thousand first-class plants to sell this fall.

Price Of Grapes

In Rochester, grapes were selling in September to dealers for two and a-half cents per pound. In St. Louis, at the same time Concords were selling at the same prices. Delawares and other choice kinds brought more. Martha were in immense quantities and brought about five cents.

The Phylloxera In California

This pest is making such inroads among the vineyards of California, where the European forms of grapes have hitherto done so well, that the leading vinegrowers are thinking of following the example of France, and of grafting their plants on the native American stock, which has been found to sutler less from the attacks of the little root pest.

Distinguishing Fruits

Professor Beal read a very interesting paper, at Rochester, illustrating it by enlarged drawings, showing that much aid may be derived in distinguishing-varieties of fruit by means of their petals, stamens and pistils.


Large tracts are not confined to the East. There is one of thirty acres at Napa, California. The yield per acre is two and a-half tons.

The California Elder-Berry

Mr. W. A. Sanders tells the Pacific Rural Press : Mrs.

Dusy is making most excellent jelly from the abundance of elderberries. Indeed, when the superiority of elderberries for jelly-making shall become known, they will be largely used for that purpose; but these and all other fruits must in time give way to that king of all jelly-making fruits - the Jujube, from which that perfection of all jellies, the jujube-paste of commerce is made.

Cutting Out Old Raspberry Canes

We once believed and have taught, that raspberries were benefitted by cutting out the old canes soon after they had borne fruit; but the experience of later years leads us to the conclusion that little if any benefit results, and it will be as well to leave the task to seasons of leasure.

Peaches In The West

Peaches having failed in the west, were supplied from the east this season, bringing about $2 per bushel in the leading markets.

Gathering Grapes

The Californians have invented a ring to be worn on the fore finger of the right band, to which a little short blade is attached so that with but one band the bunch can be at once cut from the vine.