Mrs. E., Melrose, Mass., writes: "Will you please inform me, through the Monthly, as to the best time to buy young Hybrid Perpetual roses - Fall or Spring? And if not set out till Spring, will they flower at all the first year ? I am, of course, in a great hurry for results - amateurs always are - particularly since I saw the magnificent display of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Exhibition last year".

[If strong two-year plants can be had - that is to say, plants rooted last winter and grown in the open ground all summer - such as Rose plants used to be before severe competition in low prices led to plants of but a few months old being regarded as good commercial articles. It would be well to secure them this Fall, and bury slightly with earth till Spring. If then pruned a little and planted they will make a very fine show the next year. But if "strong plants," at about ten or fifteen cents each, be understood, it will be best to wait till Spring; and even then Hybrid perpetuals do not make much show the first year, though the small Tea Roses usually do well in a few months. - Ed. G. M].