A remarkably handsome strong growing tree, one of the finest of oaks, with large deep-lobed leaves of a dark shining; green color.

Quercus Pannonica Concordia

One of the most effective and beautiful of trees. Leaves large and bold, entirely suffused or spread over with a bright golden color, which grows deeper as the season advances, and gives a delightful warm tint to the foliage.

Quercus Pannonica Fastigiata Cucullata

A peculiar form of the Pyramidal Oak, with leaves curled down at the edges.

Quercus Pannonica Nigricans

Leaves of a deep purple color when young, changing to a purplish-green later in the season. The contrast of the young purple growth with the green foliage is very ornamental.

Quercus Pannonica Pendula

A very rare, graceful and remarkable tree, with long slender drooping branches, no thicker at any part than a wagon rope. It is similar in its weeping character to the common willow, but with longer to branches.