A Vermont correspondent writes: "A German, giving his name as Chas. Beauleu, from Erfurt, Germany, has defrauded several florists in New Hampshire and Vermont by representing to have brought with him from Germany new double yellow petunias, yellow verbenas, and several other new varieties of plants, and states that Perry & Donovan, of South Framingham, Mass., are storing and caring for them for him until they are sold. He does not care to sell very large amounts to any one party, and when he can collect one half cash, the balance to be collected on delivery, the plants of course are never sent. Messrs. Perry & Donovan state that they have received several orders from him to be sent to florists, and they have tried to have him arrested, but he has so far kept clear from them. This rascal should be shown up; and I send the above statement to you that you can publish what part of it you think proper".

[Anyone who pays in advance a total stranger "half cash," or any cash, deserves to lose it all. A list of "ninnies " of this kind would be interesting for publication. We feel quite sure not one of them would be found a reader of this magazine, and this is the reason we think the "showing up" of these aggravations of little practical use in our columns. - Ed. G. M].