Professor C. V. Riley has written a letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia correcting some misapprehensions that have been circulated regarding his views of the English sparrow. He thinks the sparrows have been useful in ridding the shade trees of cities of the canker worm, but believes that they will become great pests in time to the farmer and fruit grower. He believes that the insects most troublesome to the fruit grower, are not touched by this sparrow. It does not save the elm from being ridded by the Galeruca. He does not favor the exterminating of the bird, which as he well remarked is now impossible; but he would favor no special law for its protection, but let it take its own chances of earning the farmer's own smiles or frowns as the case may be, as other birds do. One thing is certain that those who do not want the bird on their premises, will have a good luxury in sparrow pies.