Baron Von Mueller has recently announced the rediscovery, after a lapse of twenty years, of a minute creeping orchid, highly remarkable for its extremely small disk-like leaves. This little plant, which grows in the vicinity of Richmond river, East Australia, has been described as Bolbophyllum minutissimum. Its leaves are orbicular,sessile, flat, horizontal, on a creeping rhizome, and only one-eighth or one-sixth of an inch in diameter. Thus this orchid has the smallest leaves of all in the whole order. Indeed, on seeing the plant creeping among the mosses the observer might take it for a species of the Hepaticae. The wee red flowers, which are produced singly on peduncles hardly longer than the leaves, measure only one sixth of an inch. While thus East Australia possesses the dwarfest of all orchids known to science, it counts among its plants also the one with the minutest flowers, namely, Oberonia palmicola. - Scientific American.