August 27, 1880, during the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a meeting was organized, Prof. Caldwell in the chair, and Prof. A. J. Cook of Michigan Agricultural College, Secretary. After a full discussion the "Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Science" was provisionally organized, those present being Profs. Beal, Caldwell, Farlow, Kedzie, Goessmann, Cook, and Fernald, and Doctors Halstead, Ledeux and Sturtevant.

Professor Beal was elected President, and Dr. Sturtevant was elected Secretary. An Executive Committee was then appointed, consisting of the President, Secretary and Prof. Caldwell, with full powers to arrange for the next meeting, to be held on the day preceding the meeting of the American Association next year, and at the same place. The following are the names of the additional membership: Prof. W. G. Farlow, Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass.; Prof. C. A. Goessmann, Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst; Prof. A. J. Cook, Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing; Prof. Peter Collier, Department of Agriculture, Washington; Dr. B. D. Halsted, editor American Agriculturist, New York City; Dr. A. R. Ledeux, 17 Cedar street, New York City.

At the next meeting it is expected that papers will be presented by the members, embodying results of original research, and matter worthy of permanent preservation. The special fields and their occupants, thus far, are: Botany and horticulture, Profs. Beal. Bessey, Brewer, Dr. Sturtevant; pomology, Thomas, Barry; entomology and apiculture, Profs. Comstock and Cook; agricultural chemistry, Profs. Kedzie, Johnson, Caldwell, Hilgard, Goessmann, Collier, Ledeux; physics and soil, Prof. Hilgard, President Stockbridge, President Fernald; dairying science, Arnold, Dr. Sturtevant; veterinary, Prof. Law; vegetable pathology, Profs. Farlow, Halsted, Bessey. It is expected that other leaders in agricultural investigation will be invited to join this association, and that in time it will embrace within its limits the highest agricultural scientific talent in the country. At present the association has the cordial support of all its members, and it trusts that events will justify the wisdom and timeliness of the attempt.

Prof. W. J. Beal, Lansing, Mich., President, E. Louis Sturtevant, M. D., South Farmingham, Mass., Secretary, Prof. G. C. Caldwell, Ithaca, N. Y., Committee.