Mr. P. A. M. Vau Wyck sends the following: "In my description of the Jefferson Grape, there is one mistake which I wish you to correct in next issue. The article says: ' I have fruited this variety ten years;' it should read, I have fruited this variety two years, as I have had the vine but three years. It is a vine of great promise, and I expect to get thirty pounds of fruit from it this fall.

[Of course, we are always glad to make corrections. After looking into our correspondent's-MSS., preserved by the proof-reader, it is but fair to the compositor and the proof-reader to say that they are quite pardonable for having printed ten instead of two; for the letters, as written, are much nearer ten than two. Mr. V.'s MSS. is, however, quite legible in comparison with much that we receive; but we may take occasion to remark on what must have occurred to most persons who have correspondents, that the number of those who write illegibly has increased frightfully of late years. Nothing is more trying to a busy man than to spend fifteen minutes in trying to puzzle out what ought to have been clear in five. Whole lines have frequently to be guessed at, and if it were not that one can form some idea of what is meant by what has gone before, it would be impossible to make any sense at all. It is very rarely that complaints of errors come from those 1 who write legibly. Mr. Van Wyck, we are sure, will pardon us for taking a text from his little | slip to read a lecture to other people. - Ed].