A lady from Virginia writes: "Will some of the readers of the Gardener's Monthly tell me how to treat a young Fish Hook Cactus? I received it a few days since by mail from Arizona. I have always considered that class of plants as curiously beautiful, but know nothing of their likes and dislikes. Mrs. Loudon says, in speaking of the family of plants, " Keep them dry from October until March." This does not seem to be kind treatment, I must say, and as I wish to do the best by this plant, I shall look anxiously for the next monthly issue of Mr. Median's paper, and hope to find some general directions there".

The Monthly belongs to its readers and its contributors. The editor is their servant, and takes pleasure in doing all he can for their pleasure and information. - Ed. G. M].

[Cactuses like to be comparatively dry during winter, but not so absolutely dry as Mrs. Loudon's expression would imply. They love light. It ought not be difficult to keep it over the winter in any dry, light place, just cool enough to be secure from frost. - Ed. G. M].