J. D. S., Upper Sandusky, Ohio, says: " I wish you would prepare or have prepared for the Gardener's Monthly directions for the treatment and care of palms, for the benefit of those who have neither conservatories or skilled gardeners, and yet keep a few Palms as summer ornaments for the lawn. You have taught us to expect a great deal from the Monthly, and I hope I am not asking too much".

[Many palms, most that are in general culture, will keep very well indeed in any room secure from frost. If kept cool, they do not need much light. We know some who keep them well in cellars; but cellars are so apt to get too cool or too hot, and it is risky to try them. Some people, however, have cellars that are lighted by area windows, and one™can see when anything goes wrong. Palms delight in being planted out in the open ground in summer in a warm and not too dry a place.