Boston cannot boast of fine public parks, with all its advancement in horticulture: but it does have places for the burial of its dead which are equal, if not superior, to any in this or any other country, for the manner in which they are laid out, and the excellent taste displayed in arranging the permanent trees and shrubs on the grounds; also the striking manner in which the beds are planted for summer decoration. Forest Hill Cemetery is a place which should be examined by every visitor to Boston or its suburbs; its beauty during summer well repays any extra exertion which may be given to see it. Nature and the immense labor which has been expended on it by man, have made it a place to satisfy even the most sesthetical.

Mr. Farquhar, the gardener, informs me that it requires about 200,000 plants for summer decoration, 30,000 of which are geraniums of such varieties as Gen. Grant, Master Christine, Gertrude, Bijou, Perilla and Crystal Palace Gem. Of other soft-wooded plants, the following are a few of such as are most extensively used for this purpose: Ageratum Mexicanum and Imperial Dwarf, a little gem for edging beds not too much exposed to the direct rays of the sun: Alternanthera amabilis, amcena and paro-nychioides. - Country Gentleman.