As a general thing the Lily is not a success in most gardens. This is however chiefly from improper soil being used, or their being put into improper situations. The plants rather like the open sunlight, but the roots abominate hot ground, especially when stiff or clayey. In Professor Sargent's grounds at Brookline, Mass., they are planted with the Rhododendrons, and are a magnificent success. Here the Rhododendrons shield the bulbs from the hot sun. It is besides an excellent idea as a mere matter of garden taste, for the Rhododendrons are all over blossoming before the Lilies flower, and so the flowering of the beautiful evergreens seems to be prolonged till late in the summer, when the lilies disappear.

It should be remembered that lilies should be re-planted as soon as the leaves are dead, if they need re-planting at all, and should not be held till spring before it is done; and that as a general thing they fail because the soil is too hot or dry. They love a rich, cool soil.