Rose Jules Chretien

Judging by the colored lithograph just issued by Mr. Saul, we should think that this new crimson hybrid perpetual Rose is a very beautiful kind. A singular peculiarity is that the thorns are all arranged in two opposite lines on the sides of the stem touching each other just like sharks' teeth. It must have a strange appearance on the living plant.

Early-Flowering Chrysanthemums

For out door culture the Chrysanthemum flowers rather late. Efforts have been made in France and Belgium to obtain a race of early-flowering kinds. The effort has been so success-ful that a class which will begin to bloom in July in England has been introduced. The following are said to be the best in this class:

Jardin Des Plantes, (White)

A very dwarf, free-branching and floriferous variety, producing flowers quite two inches across; white with slightly yellow centre, very double j lasts a considerable period in flower; a first-class variety.

Jardin Des Plantes (Yellow)

This is rather a taller-growing variety than the preceding; free flowering, with bright golden yellow flowers; a very suitable companion to the last.

Indicum Nanum

A similar variety to the first, somewhat more of a pure white in its first stage, but passing as the flowers acquire age to purple: very dwarf habit and free flowering.


A very free variety, producing very large flowers of a bright yellow color.


Rather tall growing, .and bearing large light rose-colored flowers of great beauty.


Very free and distinct; flowers of a rich orange-brown color.

Delpine Caboche

A splendid variety, producing very compact round flowers of a rich purplish rose; in its class of color it is perhaps the finest.


Free; flowers colored rich chrome-yellow, with small brown centre; very close and neat.


A splendid kind; very free, with full large petaled flowers, of a bright yellow color.

Golden Button

This is another bright yellow flowered variety, but the blooms are smaller, neat and round, freely produced, and the plants are of good habit.


A very free variety, growing rather tall, producing fine flowers, light rose and white colored: this is a very desirable variety.

Frederic Pele

A very distinct and fine variety, producing bright red flowers in abundance.

Madame Bachou

White flowered, shaded with light purple.

Madame C. Desgrange

A good variety, with large flowers and very broad petals; creamy white.