Boyle's Nurseries, Philadelphia

For a long, long while, Boyle's greenhouses have had a good local fame in Philadelphia, though not known much beyond. They now pass into the hands of Mr. John Donn, one of the many enterprising men whom Mr. Henderson trains up, and we are sure the new addition to the florists of Philadelphia will be welcomed by them, and prove to the city's interest in every way.

Health Of Colonel Wilder

It is gratifying to note that for the first time since his accident, Col. Wilder presided at a public meeting - the annual meeting of the New England Historical Society, - on the 7th of January. His eloquent annual address was fully equal to any of his former efforts.

Mr. Peter B. Mead

This gentleman, formerly Editor of the Horticulturist, is on the programme of the New Jersey Horticultural Society which was to have its meeting on January 15th. The subject Mr. Mead discussed was " The culture of plants in our living rooms".

Charles Downing

Mr. Hussman in the Rural World, gives a pleasant sketch of a visit to Mr. Downing, whom he describes as comparatively hale and hearty, though so far advanced in years.

Col. M. P. Wilder

The number just issued of the Biographical Encyclopaedia of Massachusetts, contains a beautiful portrait, and an appreciative sketch of the life and services of our distinguished friend.


The third "decade " or ten illustrations of this fine work is now before us. We have here figures and descriptions of the following species: Baileyana, capitellata, gracilis, maculata, obliqua, pauci-flora, pilularis, piperita, polyanthema, populi-folia.

Correspondence Botanique. From Prof. Morren, Leige, Belgium

This is the seventh edition of this very useful list, which comprises the names of all the managers of botanic gar-dens and leading botanists of the world. It is pleasant to see the United States so well represented in the botanical fraternity. Though some more might be fairly added, it is a wonder that such a work should be so full as it is.

Brookes' Texas Almanac. M. Strickland, Galveston, Texas

This must prove a very useful work to those intending to settle in Texas, or who are in any way interested in the State. It tells all about hedges, geology, fruit culture, railroads, wool growing, the newspapers, - in fact almost everything relating to the agriculture, commerce and government of Texas.

Illustrated Annual Of Phrenology For 1880. S. R. Wells & Co., N. Y

Among other interesting matters are some good horticultural items, particularly illustrations of Australian Tree Ferns and Zamias.