Ammon Burr

We have only recently learned of the death of this well-known horticulturist, who died at Dallas, Texas, in the Spring of last year. His wife and daughters are still keeping on the florists' business, in the old place near the city of Dallas.

Mr. George Gordon

This gentleman, for many years Superintendent of the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens at Chiswick, near London, is among the recently deceased. He is best known to our readers as the author of Gordon's "Pinetum," which in a measure filled a great want. Botanically it was an imperfect work, - but it did more to make a knowledge of coniferous trees known among people generally than anything that preceded it, and horticulturists have always been grateful to him for it.

Worcester County (Mass.) Horticultural Society. Schedule Of Premiums For 1879

It is a pleasure to note that House Gardening receives especial attention. There are over twenty premiums offered for parlor plants of various kinds.

Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Hon. Francis B. Hayes has been elected President for the ensuing year. $3050 were appropriated for the premiums for the coming season.

E. B. Bus well was elected Treasurer and Robert Manning, Secretary. The first essay for the discussional meeting was to be by Mr. Tailby, on Cypripediums and Eucharis.

Improved Potentillas

Florists must feel indebted to the Garden for showing them in a beautiful chromo, how much beauty there is in these old-fashioned flowers. Much as we know of their merits we did not know that they had been improved so far. They are double as roses, and of all shades of color between yellow, crimson and rose, beautifully striped.

Roses In Europe

The leading rose growers announce that on account of the awful destructive drought last winter, prices have been advanced.

"We point to our fruit nurseries with their hundreds of thousands of fruit trees with just pride. Europeans equally pride themselves on other things. Speaking of the nurseries of our correspondent, A. M. C. Jong-kindt, Coniuck, at Dedemsvaart (Dedems Canal) in Holland, a correspondent of the Gardener's Chronicle notes that he saw 300,000 rose stocks.

The Japan Climbing Fern

The Japan fern Lygodium scandens, has been found much more tractable than its near relative, the Lygodium palmatum, or as it is sometimes called "Hartford Fern." The Japan species makes a very pretty thing to train on fancy trellises out of doors in partially shaded places during summer time.