We cannot recollect that any of the copious writers who described the wild plants in the Philadelphia Park, commended or even enumerated the great amount of poison vines; lately they were brought to notice by the orders of the Board of Health to remove them, after long poss-ession of that overpraised possession of a great city. The Board, of Health deserves credit for peeping into the-doings of the other close corporation..

U. Wait, is the name of a New York plumber who advertises that all business is promptly attended to. No doubt this plumbing fraternity has managed to be the most unpopular in all America.

It is not often that so emphatic an announcement is made by a respectable English paper as we find in the Pall Mall. It says, and probably truly: We wish here to reiterate an opinion which we hold with no less anxiety than conviction, that one of the most important of all facts underlying the future of England is this: Through its extraordinary developement of the grain-growing industries abroad, the operation of the irresistible system of free trade, the multiplication and aggrandizement of foreign navies, the people of this country, (England) are exposed to great peril of starvation; or panic of starvation, in the event of any hostile alliance against us, which does not seem impossible as things go. History must repeat itself. ' God save the Queen.' " With millions now in Europe under arms, and taken from production, what shall we say of progress. The condition of Europe is not happy. It gives up one-third of its male population to sterile drilling. How happy the man in his American greenhouse.

Well may the Spectator say, that, " Through war the situation of mankind is becoming unendurable".