Mrs. R. P. writes: "Permit me through your columns to return thanks to Walter Gray, of Philadelphia, for replies to inquiries as to orchid culture, etc, also for article on same subject by Chas. H. Snow, of Baltimore. In reply to the former would say that I had learned of the error in name of Cattleva citrina.

It came to me from the Patterson and Green-brook greenhouses, labelled " Odontoglossum citrina," and I took it for granted that it must be so. I have since learned from Mr. Reynolds, of Brambleton, Norfolk, and also from " Williams' Orchid Grower's Manual," bought of you, of the mistake. I do not find that the plant labeled Dendrobium nobile, received from the same source, answers to Mr. Williams' description at all. Mine bloomed in February last; flowers were a deep pansy purple and pure white, beautifully marked, but smaller than I should expect from Mr. Williams' description. I have had no success with Cypripedium barbatum, but C. villosum was lovely, and the bloom was perfect - twelve weeks. I received also from New Jersey a plant with large fleshy leaves, bearing label Bryophyllum calycinum. I have sought a description of same from various quarters without success. Can you or any of your readers tell me of its nature and culture? Have owned it over a year, but see no signs of bloom, although it grows and seems healthy. I am pleased to see articles in your columns on orchid culture.

I wish much to get together a sufficient variety lo keep my little conservatory (6x12) bright with their bloom the year round, and will then discard therefrom all geraniums, but have not, as yet, been eminently successful. Can any of your readers tell me of a fine free flowering (white) climber, that will bloom in winter in conservatory which is heated from living room, without bottom heat?

I hope I have not tired your patience with the multiplicity of my queries".