By Dr. Timothy F. Allen. Published in parts by S. E. Cassino, Boston, Mass. The Clmracese comprise plants which are often seen in aquariums, and must have attracted the attention of many who have observed the weeds which exist in water on the beds of rivers and ponds. There are many classes of these weeds, but few more curious than those which cluster around the genus Cluxra. Some of them are so colorless and transparent that the fluids can be seen circulating under microscopes of comparatively low power, and hence they have been favorites with those desirous of knowing something of the wonderful workings of the inner life of plants. This work of Dr. Allen's gives colored illustrations and descriptions of these curious plants, which will tend to make the public better acquainted with them, and it will be as well a boon to the botanist, for our manuals of botany in general use tell us little about them. The manner of treatment is much as in "Eaton's Ferns," and as the size is the same, it will be an excellent companion to that useful and beautiful work. Parts 1 and 2 are now before us - all, we suppose, that has been so far issued; but we hope it will have a patronage that will warrant its completion.

The work commences without any preface, introduction or advertisement, and affords no clue to how far it is to go, or where it will probably end. There are three plates and three chapters in first part, and two plates and three chapters - one without a plate in the third, the reason for the omission, as there are "explanations of plate" given, not being very apparent.