Our Peanut plays no mean part in the oil trade of Europe, judging by the following, which we find in the Gardeners' Chronicle. Our readers mostly know that the Peanut is Arachis hypogŠa.

" Large quantities of oil-seeds, such as Arachis hypogŠa, Sesamum indicum, ElŠis guiueensis, etc., find their way, it seems, to Nantes, for the manufacture of a household soap known as ' Marseilles soap,' from the fact of its first being manufactured in that city. This manufacture was started about 1850 by a firm who have since been most successful. At first they imported direct the raw materials with which to supply their factory, but branch houses have since been established to purchase the oil-seeds and oils direct from the natives on the "West Coast of Africa at Sawpit, Tamalamba and Mar-ambo, and also at Coromandel,from whence the merchandise is shipped to Nantes, principally in vessels belonging to the firm. The productions of these works find their way in quantities into the various departments of France. The oilcakes are sold principally to the Departments of the North of France, to the French colonies and to England".