This new fruit has attracted a great deal of attention lately, but those interested in the sale of the trees, have been rather reticent as to their hardiness. Glowing descriptions by Japan travelers have been freely-circulated, but the exact latitude in which this new apple from the garden of Hesperides might be successfully grown, has been largely left to the conjecture of sanguine planters. I confess to a weakness for big persimmons, and fearing that my precious fruit trees " of the Gods " might be nipped by untimely frost, like unto an unfledged Bart-lett, I thought it prudent to shelter them in this their tender infancy. Napoleon marched up the Alps, and then down again, as was the fate of a load of empty flour barrels, which in kindness of heart I trundled to my precious pets, well knowing that in this country the breezes of winter are not especially tempered to the shorn lamb. But, alas, the same frost that had been fatal to my forgotten figs, had likewise frozen to the ground these " God-like" treasures.

Slowly and sadly we trundled them home, - the flour barrels, - repeating vanity of vanities, and solemnly reflecting that like unto the bearded grain and tender flower that fall by the reapers blade, so may likewise the Bartlett and Persimmon, - the Persimmon mostly.