I finished strawberry picking yesterday. The following may be interesting to you, and I will give you a correct record of the different pickings:

March 1st, picked first a few, kept no record; 3d, 2 quarts; 7th, 4 quarts; 12th, 6 quarts; 14th, 4 quarts; 19th, 11 quarts; 21st, 5 quarts; 23d, 11 quarts: 28th, 13 quarts; 30th, 4 quarts; 31st, 10 quarts; April 3d, 10 quarts; 6th, 5 quarts; 9th, 5 quarts; 13th, 4 quarts; 18th, 2 quarts; 20th, 1 quart.

I may state that I grew 250 pot plants, two-thirds Triomphe de Gand and one Charles Downing. I planted them out yesterday. I am sure there are five quarts on them now green, but I could not keep red spider from putting in appearance, and I was afraid of peach trees. Picked Alexander peaches on 6th of April; fine looking peach and early, but not first-class flavor.

[In our last it was noted that it would not be thought extraordinary to gather ripe strawberries at Lochiel on the 1st of February. Not wishing to claim credit for more than his due, Mr. Paget furnishes the above statement of his crop this season. - Ed. G. M.]