A correspondent of the Gardeners' Record says: "Take four gallons of warm water, dissolve in it one ounce of soft soap, add a wineglassful of paraffin, thoroughly mix by drawing the syringe full and discharging it with force into the vessel, and to keep it well mixed while using, discharge two syringefuls into the vessel, fill again as quickly as possible and discharge on the plant; paraffin varies in strength, so if this does not prove effectual try it stronger. I have not found a quarter of a pint to four gallons of water hurt roses." It should be remarked that undiluted oil will injure plants as well as destroy insects, and therefore the directions to "draw the syringe and discharge again" in the barrel, so as to well mix, is important, otherwise the oil will swim to the surface, and the syringe will draw in too much oil and too little water.