A correspondent from Cambridge, Mass., writes: " The article on 'Forestry Notes' in the July number, page 212, of the Gardener's Monthty, by Prof. Beal, is very interesting and valuable; but if the section was given where the agricultural college is located it would add to its value. Is it in California, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio or Pennsylvania?"

[When Hans Brietman exclaimed, "Oh, dun-der! vatish glory! Oh, blitzen! vatish fame!" the reader is inclined to smile. But we see it is no laughing matter. We thought the well-earned fame of Prof. Beal sufficient for all the world. In future, however, the professor him-self may see the propriety of writing "at the agricultural college (Lansing, Michigan), is a small arboretum;" while we, for the present slip, in not noting the full address, beg our correspondent's pardon.]