Success in floral arrangements - whether such consist in their disposal in a vase, a bouquet, a button-hole, or any of the many ways in which flowers are now so much used - depends upon the taste of the individual engaged in the work. A combination of the most graceful forms and beautiful colors which the world of flowers affords ends in failure unless the executant is possessed of a naturally artistic eye. Amongst those who stand out as particularly successful in the leading competitions with bouquets is Mr. Cypher, of Cheltenham, whose productions - made by his daughter - are invariably illustrative of correct taste alike in the combination of form and color of the flowers used as in their arrangement. On the recent visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Chepstow, Miss Cypher had the honor of presenting a bouquet to the Princess, which was graciously received by Her Royal Highness. It was composed of Gardenias, Stephanotis, white Lapagerias, Eucharis amazonica, Dendrobium formosum,Odontoglossum Roezlii, O. Alexandrae, and the violet Cattleya Loddigesii, intermixed with the ferns Gleichenia rupestris and Maidenhair. - Gardener's Chronicle.