Areca Baueri

Seaforthia robusta, is a synonym of Areca Baueri, as no doubt most persons who read the note at p. 380, last month, understood, though the accidental omission of the usual marks ( ) of parenthesis, made it, perhaps, obscure to some.

Ancient Ploughing

The annexed illustration of an ancient British plough and ploughman, is from a recent lecture by Mr. C. C. Babbington, as given in The London Gardener's Chronicle.

Ancient Ploughing 3

A. S. Fuller

This well-known entomologist and writer on gardening has taken to the study of mineralogy. At least, he was at last accounts directing some silver mining operations in New Mexico.

M. J. Donnelly

This well-known Rochester nurseryman we find claimed by the Montreal Post as being formerly "one of them," before Jonathan absorbed him. He does not, however, forget his old friends, as he went back there last September and astonished them with an exhibit of one hundred varieties of apples, and forty of pears.

The Botanical Index

The publication of this valuable quarterly has been temporarily suspended, the editor, Mr. Case, having had to engage in the meantime in some pursuits which would interfere with his work on it. There are numerous admirers of this unpretending effort who will be glad to welcome its reappearance.

General Index To The Nine Reports On The Insects Of Missouri

By Charles V. Riley. Published by the United States Entomological Commission.

The great want of the age is the indexing of the facts brought to light of late years. Societies and public bodies year after year give to the public " original papers," which are in no sense new, but a sheet waste of time and money to publish ; and chiefly for want of good indexes, few know what is new. The government can do no more useful work than issue papers like these.

New Alternanthera Aurea

This is a great acquisition for yellow lines in ribbon-line planting ; of a fine habit, dwarf and compact; foliage light green and golden yellow - the yellow predominating. - P. Henderson.

Dwarf Double Geraniums

These are the "newest novelties" in the Geranium line. On the Continent of Europe, they have now Princess Stephanie of this class. It grows only from ten to twelve centimeters high. The flowers are double, rose color with a light centre.

New Dwarf Sweet Chestnut

A new ornamental shrub lately introduced from Japan. The fruit or nuts are edible, and are produced freely on plants three feet high. The nuts are as large as the common "Horse Chestnut," and are equal in quality to the common small chestnut.

The enormous size and good quality of the fruit will undoubtedly make it a valuable article of commerce, while the ornamental character of the shrub will recommend it for lawns or hedges. Perfectly hardy around N. Y. - P. Henderson.