Although we have several times referred to this pretty addition to the popular Begonias,we continue to have inquiries concerning it, and have thought that the following sketch of its history, furnished by Haage & Schmidt, of Erfurt, will be generally interesting :

Begonia Schmidt, Kegel

A new species grown from seeds which we received from the South of Brazil. It neither belongs to the tuberous-rooted nor to the large-leaved (' Rex hybrid') sorts and maybe classed to the shrubby, small-leaved and free-flowering kinds such as the well-known species : Dregei, incarnata, Ingrami, Weltoniensis. Among these it is certain to rank foremost and become a very popular sort on account of its extraordinary abundance of flowers ; the latter are white, slightly veiled with pink, and form an agreeable contrast to the foliage, being dark green with a metallic lustre. The dwarf branching and regular globe-shaped habit of the plant makes it a most desirable acquisition for decorative as well as for market purposes. Literally covered with flowers from May to the end of October, it will continue in bloom through the winter if treated under any ordinary circumstances; so that this species may justly be called a perpetual-flowering Begonia. The culture is the same as of all the other shrubby sorts, thriving well out of doors during the summer and in a temperate stove during the winter months.

Begonia Schmidt Kegel 6

Messrs. Nanz & Neuner find Begonia Schmidtii a desirable acquisition. Besides good habits and foliage, it is a profuse bloomer.

"C. E. P." says : " If any of the readers of the Monthly have had any experience with, or can give me any information concerning Begonia Schmidtii, I would esteem it as a great favor".