Mr. J. C. Lemmon, of •Oakland, California, the famous explorer, writes: "We wish you could have been with us in Arizona (Mr. and Mrs. Lemmon) when at last the Alpine park was reached. A lovely retreat in the mountain tops, high against the sky and the stars.

"We go again this season, but not until after the midsummer rains. Our last excursion was an autumn one and 'panned out' well, as Cali-fornians say. One new genus (a fine large Composite), Plummera, and a dozen fine new species, including a Woodsia, etc. We collected roots of many good things; especially we have sixty fine plants of the little known Agave Schottii, a beautiful yellow-flowered, sweet-scented Agave from the Santa Catalina Mountains. I believe this Agave will become immensely popular soon, as it is new to cultivation and very desirable, both on account of scent and color.

"We contemplate getting out a complete illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Ferns, but the work necessarily will be great and require much time and expense. We think there is a general and refreshing awakening of interest, on this coast, on the subject of botany, and especially of ferns. You may yet hear of a club here in Oakland, rivaling the justly famous Syracuse Botanical Society".