The best kinds of cauliflower for forcing are Early Erfurt and Early Snowball. I sow in boxes in forcing pit from the 10th to the 20th of January. When plants are large enough they are transplanted to a side bench, setting them two or three inches apart. In March they are planted between lettuce or radish rows, setting them one foot apart in the row, and the rows fifteen inches apart. Or if the hotbed contains nothing when the cauliflowers are planted, radishes, lettuce or Egyptian beets may be sown between the rows. Even carrots and Kohl-Rabi may be forced with the cauliflower. There could be much greater profits made on vegetables if more attention were given to a succession of crops. It is not always necessary that one crop perfect itself before another be planted in its place. By studying suitable crops and planting between the rows several crops from the same grouud may be had in a season.