A correspondent inquires what degree of temperature a peach bud will stand without injury? It is like asking what degree of temperature will make a man feel comfortable. We have known some people to freeze when near a fire, and another to keep warm in a snowstorm ; and besides, the man who, to-day, can "stand any cold," to-morrow will shiver in a warm south breeze. And so it is with all things that have life, peach trees included. We have known peach buds to be killed with a temperature very little below the freezing point, and then sometimes they will stand a good tug below zero. Last year the editor had an abundant crop from his garden trees, though on the 30th of December, 1S80, the thermometer was 8° below zero; and in Canada there are often-fair crops, though the glass indicates a much lower range.

We can only answer, that the hardiness of a peach bud is not dependent on temperature alone, and the degree they will stand, so far as knowledge has gone, is an unknown quantity.