The gardeners and florists of Philadelphia have formed an association called the " Philadelphia Florists and Growers' Association." It has for its object the mutual improvement and benefit of its members. The meetings will be held monthly. It is exclusively a trade organization, and supplies a want long felt by the florists of Philadelphia. It has not yet been fully determined to hold exhibitions, but the feeling among the gardeners seems to be in favor of making public displays of their skill. It will be some little time before the new association is in good working order. It promises however to be very successful and worthy of support.

The officers elected for the year are: Robert Kift, President; W. F. Fancourt, First Vice President; Thos. M. Fergusson, Second Vice President; Danl. D. L. Farson, Recording Secretary; Wm. E. Meehan, Corresponding Secretary; Robt. Craig, Treasurer.