This very beautiful monthly magazine gives in its January number colored plates of Lilium Parryi of California, and L. polyphyllum from the East Indies. It is one of the most valuable European magazines that comes to our table, and we are glad to know that it has a growing and appreciative patronage. It gives every month a colored plate of some new and desirable fruit as well as one of flowers.

We notice, by the way, that its editor, Thomas Moore, who, since the death of Dr. Lindley, has been jointly with Dr. Masters, editor of the London Gardener's Chronicle, retires now from that responsible position, with renewed work, as it would seem, on the Florist and Pomologist. He has been for many long years a patient worker in horticulture and kindred arts and sciences without much recognition of the valuable work he has done. The Gardener's Chronicle, Treasury of Botany, Epitome of Gardening, Ferns of Great Britain, Index Filicum, Handbook of British Ferns, edition of Thompson's Gardener's Assistant, besides the Florist and Pomologist, have all been under obligations, while he still continues his many years' labors as Curator of the Chelsea Botanic Garden. Some of us in America think we work hard for the public good, but we have at least as good an example in Mr. Moore.